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Postcard and other images of Dansville:

Power Specialty Company, (Cumminsville) Route 36 in (Later became Foster Wheeler Energy Corp.)

St. Jacob’s Lutheran Church, Main Street, Built in 1826

Dansville Area Historical Society

Shepard Memorial Library, Main Street

Liberty Street (looking east from Main Street)








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On this date: Ground broke for Dansville’s 1st Railroad

July 20, 1869

Ground broke in Dansville for Erie & Genesee Valley Railroad Company line.  Later named the Dansville & Mt. Morris Railroad.

The Erie & Genesee Valley Railroad was incorporated in January 1868. It was completed in 1872 and leased to the Erie until October 21, 1891, when it was returned to local management as the Dansville & Mt. Morris Railroad. The company operated in receivership from 1894 until September 30, 1927. Passenger service ended in 1939. The company was acquired by Genesee & Wyoming Industries on July 23, 1985.

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