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On this date: Genesee Valley Canal closes

September, 30 1878

The Genesee Valley Canal opened in 1840 and was officially closed on September 30, 1878

Starting in Rochester, NY, the Genesee Valley Canal extended along the valley of the Genesee from the N. bounds of Livingston Co. to Mt.Morris; thence it turns S.E. to Coshaqua Creek and up the valley of that stream of Nunda, and thence S.W. to the Genesee at Portage, where it cross the river upon a wood aqueduct supported by stone piers. The Dansville Branch Canal extends from Mt.Morris S.E. to Dansville, NY.

Map of New York State canals with Genessee Valley Canal (1840-1880)  in green

Map of New York State Canals: Genesee Valley Canal (1840-1878) circled in green




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