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On this date: The debut of “Dansville Turns 200” appears in Genesee Country Express

March 19, 1992

“Dansville Turns 200” was a weekly newspaper column that ran in the Genesee Country Express from March 19, 1992 to January 28, 1996. In 201 installments, each representing one calendar year, the history of Dansville, New York was told, from its earliest white settlement to the celebration of the village bicentennial. Included in each article was a summary of the major events of the world, the nation, and the region for the year being covered, to try to give some perspective to what kind of world surrounded Dansville at the time. This project was the end result of many hundreds of hours of research, spread out over several years; and I received plenty of help. Among those to whom I owe thanks: Richard Eades, the high school teacher whose local history course set me on this path; the late historian Wilfred J. Rauber, who was of tremendous help to me during my initial researches in the mid-1980’s; Teresa Canuti and the other employees at the Dansville Public Library, for their helpfulness in my endeavors there; and for the editors of the Genesee Country Express, for allowing me access to their back issues, and, of course, for publishing my column. And many thanks to all who provided encouragement and compliments on what was, from beginning to end, a labor of love.

David Gilbert

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