On this date: First chapter of American Red Cross founded

August 22, 1881

After the Civil War, Clara Barton went to europe where she learned , in 1863, an organization called the International Red Cross was formed to provide relief to those injured in war and due to the result of natural disasters.  Clara’s vision was to organize a national headquarters for the American Red Cross with smaller offices in every state and local chapters in every city and town.  Due to the dedication and perseverance of Clara Barton, the first local society of the American Red Cross was founded on August 22, 1881 in Dansville, New York.

Clarissa Harlowe Barton was born on December 25, 1821, in North Oxford, Massachusetts.

The American Red Cross
Clara Barton Chapter No. 1
Founded 1881

57 Elizabeth Street, Dansville, New York 14437


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On this date: 1st airplane flights in Dansville

August 15, 1911

In 1911 the Dansville Board of Trade sponsored an “Old Home Week” celebration, which was designed to lure back former Dansvillians for a visit to their old stomping grounds.  The feature event of the week was an airplane exhibition by a pilot named Walter Johnson, flying a Thomas Headless Biplane.  These were the first airplane flights in Livingston County history; takeoffs and landings occurred from a field owned by Stark Brothers Nursery; near the future site of Ellis B. Hyde Elementary School.  A young Lynn Pickard was among the spectators; he would go on to found Dansville’s own airport.

On this date: First Boy Scout Troop formed

July 27, 1915

First Boy Scout Troop formed in Dansville, NY.  No other info regarding this first troop (?) was available at the time of this posting.

Original Boy Scouts of America emblem

Current Boy Scout troops in Dansville, NY are:

Troop 38 (Established in 1924)

Boy Scouts of America, Dansville, New York

Troop 73 (Established in 1938)

Current Cub Scout pack is Pack 71

PACK 71, Dansville, New York


1915 Poster

On this date: Ground broke for Dansville’s 1st Railroad

July 20, 1869

Ground broke in Dansville for Erie & Genesee Valley Railroad Company line.  Later named the Dansville & Mt. Morris Railroad.

The Erie & Genesee Valley Railroad was incorporated in January 1868. It was completed in 1872 and leased to the Erie until October 21, 1891, when it was returned to local management as the Dansville & Mt. Morris Railroad. The company operated in receivership from 1894 until September 30, 1927. Passenger service ended in 1939. The company was acquired by Genesee & Wyoming Industries on July 23, 1985.

additional info: http://gold.mylargescale.com/Scottychaos/GW/DMMpage.html

On this date: First Lutheran Church formed

July 4, 1824

The first constitution was adopted July 4, 1824 when the congregation assumed the name (as translated into English) “The United Reformed and Lutheran Church of Dansville”. Although the Reformed and Lutheran groups worshiped and worked together, each elected its own council and kept separate records. The first Lutherans Church, St. Jacob’s, was built in 1826.  Prior to building that church the Dansville congregations (German and English) met in a log school-house.  The Church was centered on an early indian burial ground.  And it’s said that the stones of an indian burial mound were used in the foundation of St. Jacob’s Church.


On this date: The Veterans Memorial Project 2000 in Williams Park dedicated

July 4, 2000

The Veterans Memorial Project 2000 is a monument to honor all men and women from the Dansville area who have honorably served or are still serving their country, either on active duty or in a reserve capacity. Dansville has a long history of service to this great nation and state. Men and women have served proudly throughout the years to preserve our heritage and freedoms during times of peace and times of war. This was a long over due tribute to these individuals, Daniel Goho Post 87, American legion, lead this project.

The Veterans Memorial Project 2000 is a project to design, construct, and maintain a memorial to honor Dansville’s veterans. The memorial includes all veterans who have honorably served their country up through December 31, 1999. The goal was to construct a monument to be viewed by all and will last for generations to come. Metal plates have been engraved with each veteran’s name. These are mounted on the memorial. This memorial (shown below) was constructed at Williams Park.

The honor roll was dedicated July 4, 2000. We thought that it would be fitting and appropriate to coordinate the dedication with the patriotic observance on Independence Day and the start of the new Millennium.

Photo taken May 23, 2012 by Chad Schuster

On this date: “Our Home on the Hillside” burns down

June 26, 1882

An over turned oil lamp on the third floor was all it took to start the fire that brought down the original wooden “Water Cure” in June of 1882.  Dr. James Caleb Jackson was the first to sustain a water-cure business here.  He had many patients come under his care during the 24 years at “Our Home”.  Each year was practically more successful than the one before.

Liberty Hall (at left in above photo), which was designed by J. C. Jackson’s oldest son Giles, was able to be saved and was in service for many more years.

Do to the success of this business, under the direction of James H. Jackson, they decided to rebuild.  And rebuild they did, with a structure that was advertised as “Absolutely Fire-proof”  With this new chapter would come a new name, “The Sanatorium”.



We invite the attention of the Medical Profession to certain facilities offered by the Sanatorium at Dansville New York for cases of nervous prostration or patients needing quiet rest and recuperation with medical care and oversight.

This establishment offers an unequalled combination of natural advantages therapeutic appliances and favorable conditions for the treatment of the sick.  It comprises a magnificent main building and nine cottages situated in a woodland park on the eastern mountain slope overlooking the valley town and beautiful hills beyond . The location is unsurpassed for scenery healthful climate pure air and water Malaria utterly unknown.  No mosquitoes or other insect pests.

The new main building three hundred feet long and absolutely fire-proof is designed to meet every need not merely of the invalid but also those who seek simply rest and quiet It is complete in all its sanitary details.  It has light airy rooms safety elevator electric bells throughout perfect sewerage best modern appliances in culinary department abundant varied and well prepared dietary.  It has extensive apartments for hydropathic treatment arranged to secure individual privacy.  All forms of baths electricity massage’s are scientifically administered.  The apparatus for Dr. Taylor’s Swedish Movements and a superior Holtz machine for Statical Electricity arc special features.

The Sanatorium is under the personal care and management of a permanent staff of experienced physicians all graduates of the best regular schools in America.  Skilled attendants minister to every need . Not least among its advantages is the opportunity for out-door life and freedom from the taxations of fashionable life.

Dansville is easily reached from all parts of New England. There is but one change of cars from Boston.  An illustrated descriptive pamphlet sent free on application Address the Medical Superintendents


Ad from The Boston Medical and Surgical Journal, Volume 115, Oct. 21, 1886

After several years it would be changed to  “The Jackson Sanatorium”.  With competition popping up all over I think they wanted people to be sure that this was the well-renowned Jackson Health Institution that heard about.

On this date: C.G. Mader Meat Market opens

June 22, 1914

Previously Hoffman & Co Meat Market, Charles G. Mader opens C.G. Mader Meat Market on the North East corner of Main Street and Exchange Street (Clara Barton Street).  Mader’s Sons, Carl in 1915 and Herman in 1918, joined their father in the family business.  Herman passed away at the age of 55 in 1958.  Charles passed away in 1965 leaving Carl to run the business which he did until 1981.

Above: Charles G. Mader (Charlie) stands at the door of his Meat Market

Above: Carl Mader stands behind the counter at the Meat Market

Above: Cooler Interior at Mader’s Market

Above: Edward Quantz (Quanz) with C. G. Mader Meat Market truck

Above: Mader’s Slaughter house

Photos above provided by Jane Schryver

Out of the Genesee Country Express and Advertiser                           February 10, 1944

Ten Years Ago: A program of remodeling and improvement at the Chas. G. Mader Meat Market, which will be of much benefit to the market’s clientele, is now under way.

Photos taken June 2012 by Chad L. Schuster

On this date: DL & W Railroad comes to Dansville

June 8, 1882

Often called the Lackawanna, the Delaware, Lackawanna & Western Railroad was completed to Dansville, NY in 1882.  The line that ran both freight and passenger trains, ran along picturesque East hill and continued to Mount Morris, NY.  The following year the line continued on westward to Buffalo, NY 76 miles away.  To the dismay of local business men, the Dansville station was more than a mile up the steep hill (Depot Road).