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  1. I am looking for information on my great grandfather on my mothers side, John N. Stadler b. 1871? d. 1919 buried at Greenmont Cemetary. I believe he had a tobacco shop and a cigar manufacturing company in Dansville. If you have any information on him or any of his family I would love to see it and/or get copies of it. Thank you!

    • The info below is from Dansville 1789 – 1902 under the society listings.
      C. M. N. U. NO. 119.
      Branch No. 119, of the Cigar Makers’ National Union, was organized at Cohocton, N. Y. in 1881, and transferred to Dansville in 1886).
      The following named members and officers constitute this Branch:
      Matt Cook, president; J. A. Wirth, secretary and treasurer ; Matt Cook, Frank Schwan, Charles Simons, John Pruner, J. N. Stadler, J. J. Yochum and William F. Vieth, finance committee.
      J. A. Wirth, who supplied the above information, has been a member seven years and secretary since 1899.

      I don’t see an entry for him on or on

      Please send email for future requests. Thanks, Chad S.

      • The info below is also from Dansville 1789 – 1902
        Historical Census:
        Stadler, Adam, Vineyardist, 6 Liberty, wife Marguerite, child Christian, vineyardist.

        Stadler, John N., cigar mf’r., 6 Elizabeth; wife Katharine, child Esther, Vincent.

        Stadler, Mrs. Mary, 52 Leonard, children Charles, Louise. George, New York;
        Mrs. Julia Horeschler, Rochester, N. Y.; Henry

        Charles Stadler was also a “vineyardist”
        The Charles Stadler estate makes about 5,000 gallons annually of Dry and Sweet Catawba, Port and Claret wines. Adam Stadler makes about 500 gallons, Jacob Smith 400 gallons, Andrew Freidel 400 gallons, Fritz Michael about 2,000 gallons, and Cyrus Clark about 2000 gallons.

  2. Thank you for the information and leads. Where is there a copy of the “book?” (you got the information from) that I would be able to access?

  3. I would be grateful for any information regarding John Nicholas Weiermiller. What I do know is that he was born Oct 9, 1800 in the Rhine providence of Prussia. He came to the United States in 1842. They landed at Danville, NY June 5th, 1842. I believe he died February 16, 1862. I am trying to make the connection between John Nicholas Weiermiller and Henry Weiermiller born July 14, 1842. All my information is coming from a family bible so there must be a close connection, I am just trying to fill in the gaps. (My mother’s maiden name was a Weiermiller, a descendant of the above mentioned Henry Weiermiller). Thank you for any information you would care to share with me.

  4. Thank you for all the work you do. I would be grateful for any information or resources you have about some of my ancestors. John F(ayette?) Clark was born around 1837 and lived in Dansville for some time, as did his son John Bradley Clark, based on the 1880 census and some newspaper information. However, I can find no information on who his parents are, or what the family did in the Dansville area (I think they may have been involved with a mill of some sort at one point).

    John F Clark was married to Anna Caroline Wheaten (or wheaton?) in 1858 or so, but I do not know if her family was also in the area.

    As a former SUNY Geneseo student, I was happy to find I had a local connection to the Dansville area, and would love to know more.

    Many thanks,
    Justin Bower

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