Business Member Profile: Better Homes Furniture

Better Homes Furniture in Dansville is one of Dansville Area Historical Society’s NEW business members for 2013. They have been in the business of selling retail furniture and floor coverings since 1998. We carry LAZBOY, England, Ashley, Lancer. Liberty, Vaughan Bassett, Sleep Logic Chiropractic Bedding, Mohawk and Quick Step Flooring. A bit of history for this location is listed below

Better Homes Furniture 1998 – Present

Fox Furniture: 1988 – 1997

Johnson Furniture: 1944 – 1986+ (Grand Opening Sept. 1945)

Johnson Furniture


In 1945 the Johnson Furniture Company purchased the furniture business of the Wilson-Altmeyer Company. A history of the business operated in this location by the predecessors can be found in another part of the paper. The Johnson Furniture Company, before opening for business, completely remodeled the store.  The manager of the store, which is one of several operated in this area by the parent company, is Kenneth Mead, who has Quickly proven himself to be a public spirited business man. He has entered wholeheartedly into the activities of several local organizations. As a member of the Board of Trade he advocated many progressive moves for the betterment of local retail merchants. In the Lions Club, Fish and Game Club, and the Dansville Lodge, Loyal Order of the Moose, Mr. Mead has taken an active part giving generously of his time and ability.

1959: Richard Stevens, manager, Johnson Furniture

Wilson-Altmeyer Company: 1934 (Ossian Street Store) – 1944

Wilson  Altmeyer094

Wilson-Altmeyer 1934 Grand Opening on Ossian Street-renovated

Contact Information:
Better Homes Furniture
13 Ossian Street
Dansville, New York 14437
(585) 335-8430

Store Hours: Monday-Saturday: 9am-5pm
Thursday And Friday 9am-7pm

We take pride in selling quality home furnishings and floor coverings to our customers and we stand behind our products and our service.


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