Happy Veterans Day


to all Men and Women who have served, are serving and those who will serve.

Dansville Area Veterans Memorial
In memory of those who served in the Armed Forces of the United States
1775 - 1999

Williams Memorial Park

Williams Memorial Park


On this date: United Methodist Church dedicated

November 8, 1877

The dedication ceremony presided by Bishop Jessie T. Peck for the United Methodist Church on Chesnut Street was held on Nov. 8, 1877.  The cornerstone was laid on Aug. 29, 1876, and after a year and a half, it was completed at a cost of $18,000.  The first public worship service was held ealier that yean on September 13.

Circa 1910

On Nov, 3, 2012 Dansville United Methodist Church celebrated its 200th anniversary with a special service Saturday evening as about 100 people, including participants, joined together to commemorate the church’s milestone.

Members of the Methodist faith first settled in Dansville in 1812. The first preaching minister was Robert Parker, who moved to Sparta in 1805. Parker recognized the need to build a church building and began to raise the necessary funds.  Less than $1,000 was secured and the church was commenced. The church was erected on the public square, a short distance south of the present location of Dansville Presbyterian Church. The church’s congregation continued to grow and remained there for nearly 50 years.  In the year 1876, the old church became too small and dilapidated, and so it was decided to build a new brick church on Chestnut Avenue.